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Bargaining for enterprise contracts

Enterprise bargaining allows parties to set minimum terms for work done within a particular production or production company.

The Screen Industry Workers Act 2022 comes into force on 30 December 2022. The changes outlined on these pages will apply from this date.

Enterprise contracts

Enterprise contracts are bargained between a worker organisation (for example, a union or a guild) and an engager (who hires screen production workers). They cover specific work done by members of the worker organisation within an enterprise (a production company or a production). They can build on the minimum terms set in occupational contracts.

There is no limit on the number of enterprise contracts allowed within a single enterprise.

By default, they apply to specified work done by members of the worker organisation that negotiated the contract. However, non-members can be covered by the contract in certain circumstances.

Engagers can participate directly in bargaining, but workers must be represented by a worker organisation. Industry organisations wanting to represent workers must register as a worker organisation.

Information on how to register is available on the Companies Office website (external link)

Enterprise bargaining process

Workers can choose between contracts

Workers can choose between enterprise contracts, if more than one contract applies to them for the same work. Once they have decided, they must notify their engager in writing.

Workers can change their decision at any time by notifying their engager in writing.

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Page last revised: 02 March 2023

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