Steps to resolve

There are processes to follow when working through employment relationship problems. Employers and employees should use these and try to resolve problems in a positive way.

Informal actions

Employers and employees may take informal actions to resolve an issue early, especially if the matter is not serious, is a one-off, or is unlikely to happen again.


Warnings can be a useful tool when managing performance or taking disciplinary action. It is recommended that all warnings be recorded in writing so that there are no misunderstandings.

Disciplinary action

Sometimes employee behaviour may be inappropriate and an employer needs to deal with it.

Early Resolution

Early Resolution is a free phone-based service that helps resolve a workplace issue early, quickly and informally.

Personal grievances

A personal grievance is a type of complaint that an employee may bring against a current or former employer.

Records of settlement

When parties reach a resolution about an employment dispute or problem, they can formally record it in a Record of Settlement.

Follow the agreed process

First steps in dealing with a problem.

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