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Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment at work is unacceptable and a workplace risk. It can be considered serious misconduct.

Sexual harassment often goes unreported, as victims may be unsure of what is considered ‘workplace sexual harassment’ and what to do when they experience it.

Employers, co-workers and advice-givers, who may be family or friends, may be unsure of what they should do.

Workplaces should include guides and policies on how to deal with incidents and reports of sexual harassment, as well as how to prevent sexual harassment from happening in the first place.

What is sexual harassment

The Human Rights Act 1993 defines sexual harassment as ‘any unwelcome or offensive sexual behaviour that is repeated, or is serious enough to have a harmful effect.

Steps for workers to deal with sexual harassment

Guidance for workers who think they have been sexually harassed.

Steps for workers who have been accused of sexual harassment

Guidance for workers who have been accused of sexual harassment.

Steps for employers to address sexual harassment

Guidance for employers in addressing sexual harassment in the workplace.

Further steps in sexual harassment complaints

Guidance for employees and employers in dealing with sexual harassment.

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