Productive workplaces

A productive workplace starts with a positive culture where employers and employees work together to achieve good work and make continual improvements.

Positive relationships between staff, teams and managers are a feature of productive workplaces. A positive work environment motivates staff and helps them commit to the organisation. Staff feel encouraged to 'go the extra mile'.

There are two main approaches to workplace productivity:

  • creating the right environment with your employees to increase employee productivity. This includes building strong relationships with your staff, developing work-life balance and flexible work policies, encouraging learning and development, and growing your leadership capability
  • reviewing and improving your systems and processes, use of technology and measuring what matters.


Work-life balance

How work-life balance arrangements can be good for employees and for business.

High Performance Work Initiative (HPWI)

HPWI is a government initiative to provide practical support to firms wanting to introduce high performance work practices.

Employee privacy

Employers shouldn’t intrude unnecessarily into the private lives of employees.

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