Pay equity information in the repository

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has created a central Workplace Repository to support the progression of pay equity claims.

The repository contains information which has been gathered on claimants and comparators from previous claims processes. Parties undertaking other pay equity claims processes are able to request information from the repository.

MBIE encourages parties to contribute pay equity information after settling a pay equity claim. This information can be submitted through the secure Workplace Online Portal (external link) (the portal).

The information in the repository can help others advance future pay equity claims.

Repository guidelines

The management and access for the repository will be underpinned by the following guidelines.

  1. The Pay Equity Reference Group monitors the strategic role of the repository.
  2. Paramountcy to the commitments and principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi.
  3. Repository processes should be transparent and easy to follow for all users.
  4. All information stored in the repository is subject to the Privacy Act 2020 and Official Information Act 1982.
  5. Secure storage of pay equity comparator information.
  6. Information about workplace online portal is readily available for external users to learn about and access the repository.
  7. Effective management of the repository with information subject to record management at MBIE.

Management and storage of data in the repository

The repository has been established using MBIE’s existing Electronic Data and Record Management System.

Data must be anonymised before it is stored in the repository. This reduces the risk of privacy and/or confidentiality breaches.

Data is voluntarily contributed to the repository by parties to settled or well-developed claims processes. Parties from previous equal pay claims are encouraged to contribute some or all of their claims’ data sets.

Information is secure and managed under restricted access to respect the privacy of those it relates to.

Access to the data

Access to the data will be managed by MBIE for the purpose of managing the receipt, storage, and access for the data.

Parties to claims remain the owners of any data submitted and have the opportunity to access their data and also to request their data is returned to them if required.

Requests that raise questions or uncertainties may be forwarded to the Pay Equity Reference Group for a review of approval to access the data.

Applications for access to data

Parties involved in current pay equity claims can request data via the Workplace Online Portal or by emailing

Workplace Online Portal (external link)

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Page last revised: 14 August 2023

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