Employment for disabled people

Information to help remove barriers to employment for disabled people.

Disabled people are less likely to be employed than the general population or other minorities. Employment for disabled people is often limited by opportunity and people's attitudes rather than disability. Although one in five working age people in New Zealand have some form of disability, most have little or no barrier to working in some kind of paid employment given the right support. Many highly capable New Zealanders could be part of the workforce if barriers to their employment were removed.

Disability definitions and etiquette

The term 'disability' covers a variety of situations.

The benefits of being a disability confident organisation

Disabled people work in all sorts of roles and have a range of skills, talents and abilities. Businesses employ disabled people because it makes good business sense.

Plan to become a disability confident organisation

A disability confident organisation understands disability and identifies ways to remove barriers to employment and promotion.

Reasonable accommodation (measures)

Making reasonable accommodation helps organisations to confidently recruit, retain and support disabled people.

Communications support

Information to help organisations become more accessible and communicate effectively with disabled people.

Hiring disabled people

Information to help employers hiring staff not miss out on the potential offered by disabled people.

Keeping disabled employees

Actively supporting and keeping disabled employees has benefits for your organisation.

Financial help and wages

Financial help and wage information for disabled jobseekers and employees, and their employers.

Disability information and resources for employers

Resource material designed specifically to assist employers is freely available.

Resources and government support for disabled employees and jobseekers

There are resources and services designed specifically to assist disabled employees and jobseekers.

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