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15 December 2023

Restaurant owners who exploited migrant workers must pay over $420,000

The former owners of 2 North Island restaurants who exploited migrant workers and breached numerous minimum employment standards must pay more than $330,000 in penalties, compensation and arrears.

29 November 2023

Restaurant owner penalised for unlawful wage deductions

A Rangiora restaurant and its owner who unlawfully deducted money from an employee’s wages and breached other minimum employment standards, must pay the employee over $40,000 in arrears and penalties.

27 November 2023

Hiring summer staff: Tips for employers

Over summer you may be expanding your workforce, whether it be with pickers and packers to help you on your orchard, or workers for your café or restaurant.

16 November 2023

85 Auckland businesses checked in exploitation crackdown

The Labour Inspectorate last week conducted a large-scale operation to identify potential migrant exploitation and check on minimum employment standards compliance at 85 businesses in Auckland.

20 September 2023

More support for exploited migrants

The Government has announced a short-term basic financial and welfare support package, including job search assistance, to individuals on the Migrant Exploitation Protection Visa (MEPV).

17 July 2023

Labour Inspectorate welcomes the Employment Court’s decision in the Pilgrim case

New Zealand’s courts provide an important role to challenge decisions and aspects of law, which this judgment has. It clarifies the applicants in the Pilgrim case are employees.

17 July 2023

New law to protect migrant workers

The Worker Protection (Migrant and Other Employees) Bill is now law and will protect vulnerable workers in Aotearoa New Zealand.

27 June 2023

Parental leave payments to increase

Parental leave payments will increase by 7.7% from Saturday 1 July to reflect the rise in average weekly earnings.

13 June 2023

Time to raise a personal grievance due to sexual harassment increases to 12 months

From 13 June 2023 employees will have 12 months to raise a personal grievance related to sexual harassment.

02 June 2023

Your employment guide to King's birthday

This year New Zealand will be celebrating the King’s birthday on Monday 5 June.