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29 May 2019

ICM owner-operator Martha Fretton ordered to pay $30,000 for serious migrant exploitation

The Employment Relations Authority has ordered an owner-operator of a labour supply contracting firm to pay $30,000 in penalties for failure to pay 12 migrant employees their minimum entitlements.

24 May 2019

Unlawful contracting sees directors personally liable for $100,000 owed to taxi drivers

Former Dunedin tax company directors Ronald and Maureen Grant are personally liable for $100,000 by failing to provide tax drivers with the correct employment entitlements.

14 May 2019

Auckland restaurant owner to pay for Holidays Act breaches

An Auckland restaurant owner has to pay $5,000 for breaching the Holidays Act.

14 May 2019

Bus companies getting around the new break rules

A new land transport rule, recently approved by Cabinet, gives bus operators more flexibility when it comes to applying the new break rules set in the Employment Relations Amendment Act 2018.

06 May 2019

Employment Relations Amendment Act 2018 in full force

From 6 May 2019, the majority of the changes under the Employment Relations Amendment Act 2018 become effective.

01 May 2019

Kiwifruit growers reminded to meet employment standards or face enforcement

Labour Inspectors are visiting Bay of Plenty orchards this week.

29 April 2019

Director and managers personally liable for employment law breaches

Three individuals were personally involved in employment law breaches at two Christchurch restaurants, and had to repay more than $40,000 in arrears.

18 April 2019

Planning to work over the upcoming Easter or ANZAC holidays?

There are some employment questions that regularly arise over the Easter and ANZAC holidays. See the answers.

17 April 2019

Regulator says Chorus changes are a chance to lead

Chorus are taking a leadership role in addressing the worker exploitation issues found in their supply chain, and is calling for other large companies to do the same.

01 April 2019

Minimum wage rises to $17.70

Today the adult minimum wage becomes $17.70 per hour, up $1.20 from $16.50. This adds up to $708 for a 40-hour week.