NZ Police Association

Committee Members Course. Course No 470

Contact: Amanda Craig (04) 496 6804

This two day course for new Police Association Committee members provides participants with the skills and knowledge to carry out the Association’s purpose. The Association exists to ensure that the wellbeing of its members and their families is enhanced and it provides industrial and employment representation, advocacy, advice and support to its members. Course participants will:

  • understand the Association’s history, structure and their role as a Committee Member, in the context of the Policing Act, the Employment Relations Act and its objects and the Code of Good Faith for Employment Relationships in Relation to Provision of Services by Police
  • learn how they can obtain support for their roles
  • learn that communicating, giving information and listening are important components of being a Committee representative
  • learn how to represent employees effectively using a good faith problem solving approach
  • be provided the skills and knowledge required for the successful management of health and safety through good faith co-operation with employers, fellow employees and their representatives
  • participate in decision-making to receive, assess and make recommendations on applications for legal assistance to the Association from members
  • learn the importance of the Police Code of Conduct and understand their role in promoting the Code, undertaking appropriate interventions and responses to breaches
  • understand their role in dealing with performance management issues and demonstrate learning of the need for early intervention, good faith relationships.

Approved for a period of three years from 20 March 2019.

Office Holder’s Tool Kit. Course No 593

Contact: Amanda Craig (04) 496 6804

This course is for New Zealand Police Association officeholders who have been newly elected or those aspiring to become officeholders. The course is in modular form and is presented in four half-day sessions. The course aims to provide participants with all the necessary tools to be a Police Association Officeholder, enabling participants to:

  • lead their local Police Association Committee.
  • effectively resolve member issues within their workplace using a problem solving approach.
  • understand and represent members during the internal disciplinary process.
  • understand how to identify, assess and manage risks in the Policing environment with good faith co-operation with employers, health and safety representatives and fellow employees
  • involve their Police Association Committee and other workplace colleagues in member issues and concerns.
  • take responsibility for their own learning.

Approved for a period of three years from 20 March 2019.

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