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Tools and Resources

Performance Improvement Plan - Step by step guide - PDF 156KB

27 June 2016

Guide to help with performance improvement within the business.

Performance improvement plan process - PDF 169KB

27 June 2016

Use this process when formally working with an employee to improve performance

Position statement - PDF 175KB

29 June 2016

The link between wage deductions and the minimum wage in the agricultural industry.

Position Statement - Accounting for Overpayments through Holidays Act Re-calculations - PDF 168KB

Covers historical re-calculation of leave entitlements, including how overpayments can be considered when performing Holidays Act 2003 remediation.

Position Statement - Estimating the Value of Holidays Act 2003 Underpayments - PDF 370KB

It appears that some employers in NZ have not been paying minimum holiday entitlements.

Primary carer - letter to notify taking parental leave - PDF 86KB

Example letter for primary carer with six months' service.

Primary carer declaration form - DOCX 21KB

Employee declaration that they are the primary carer of a child under six.

Process leading to redundancy - PDF 166KB

27 June 2016

This flowchart outlines the redundancy process.

Public holidays flowchart - PDF 219KB

Work out an employee's entitlements for a public holiday.

Raising a personal grievance sample letter - DOC 49KB

04 July 2016

Use this example to help raise a personal grievance with an employer.