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Tools and Resources

Holiday Act Guidance tool for employees - PDF 604KB

Why it's important to get the right pay and entitlements for leave

Holiday Act Guidance tool for employers - PDF 785KB

Why it's important to give the right pay and entitlements for leave.

Holidays Act 2003 - PDF 1.8MB

22 November 2023

Guidance on holidays and leave.

Holidays Act 2003 product and tool timeline - PDF 251KB

30 June 2017

Timeline for developing products and tools.

Hours of work factsheet - PDF 1.3MB

01 April 2016

With written employment agreements.

How to hire guide - PDF 805KB

A guide for employers about how to hire employees.

How to submit a record of settlement

Submit a record of settlement to Employment Mediation Services for signing.

Identify and minimise labour rights issues in your supply chains - PDF 248KB

02 July 2020

Guidance for procurers on ethical and sustainable work practices.

Induction planner template - DOCX 28KB

Employers can use this as a guide to prepare for a new employee starting work.

Informal performance improvement process - PDF 168KB

27 June 2016

A process to use when informally working with an employee to improve their performance.